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Excellent job Tara on a fantastic and thoughtful presentation! This personally challenged me and has given me some practical tools for incorporating into my teaching. Also a huge thank you for offering to share resources post workshop electronically. – AEE Regional Workshop Participant 2012

Thank you! Great combination of information, activity, and discussion! I can’t wait to take today’s activities and dialogue back to my institution! – AEE Regional Workshop Participant 2012

This was great! I am running a training with my organization next week and I will definitely use tools gained in this workshop. Thank you! – AEE Regional Workshop Participant 2012

Thank you. I learned new activities and gained new insights! This workshop was very meaningful! I now have great new tools to take with me- along with the knowledge of how to create a safe & positive learning environment. This was truly a wonderful learning opportunity both personally & professionally! –  AEE International Workshop Participant 2010

Thank you for a thought provoking and useful presentation. I really enjoyed everything we talked about and that we pushed past “intro stuff”. This workshop got me thinking in a whole new way. I will definitely be your incorporating this material when I train my staff.  –  AEE International Workshop Participant 2010

Thank you so much for creating this space! Very inspiring & motivating! Great active learning methods! Powerful yet safe outlet for sharing. – AEE International Workshop Participant 2010

This was by far the best workshop I’ve attended thus far. I really enjoyed the introduction on unpacking the knapsack and all the interactive activities. I was amazed at the atmosphere you created! It felt like a safe place to speak out with the atmosphere you set and the workshop norms.  – AEE Regional Workshop Participant 2009

Thank you for the group interaction with the exercises and dialogues. Brought up a lot of thinking points, addressed the taboo issues! It was real people talking about real situations instead of the hypothetical which made it much more meaningful. You are great at encouraging participation! – AEE Regional Workshop Participant 2009

Useful , thought provoking, and overall excellent! I loved the methods used to start dialogue. I’m impressed you all were able to squeeze so much into a short period of time. We never danced around the difficult topics.  – AEE Regional Workshop Participant 2009

I am deeply appreciative of this workshop. You created a safe learning space. Both academically and personally, I feel like I have lots to bring home. Thanks for the work that you do! – AEE International Workshop Participant 2009

Thank you for the important work you are doing in a mindful way! You are an excellent speaker. It is easy to listen and engage in the activities and gain a great deal from each of them.  – ACCT Workshop Participant 2012

Fantastic workshop! Great ideas, activities, and adaptations. Nice pacing. Open & responsive to the needs of the group. Always challenging and thought provoking! – ACCT Workshop Participant 2012

Good job raising the awareness of this topic and asking controversial questions. The world needs more of that! – ACCT Workshop Participant 2012

Great workshop with very important content! Tara is an amazing speaker with incredible knowledge, skills, experience and passion. Definitely left me wanting more. Thank you. – ACCT Workshop Participant 2011

Activities were spot on! Debriefing and presentation of activities was impactful and excellent! Loved the sequencing! This workshop was great for adding new experiential activities to my toolbelt! – Anti-bullying and Diversity Workshop Participant April, 2012

Great presentation and variety of activities! This workshop was better than I could have expected with new material and high involvement from us, participants.  – Anti-bullying and Diversity Workshop Participant April, 2012

I appreciate the professionalism and expertise Tara brought to the workshop and the variety and depth of the activities we did. The workshop flow balanced activity and meaningful reflection on the theme. I really appreciate the active engagement and accommodation of all participants. – Anti-bullying and Diversity Workshop Participant April, 2012

I recently attended a workshop that Tara facilitated.  I found Tara to be a passionate and compassionate facilitator.  She is calm in her delivery, knowledgeable in her content and kind in her approach.  She is one of the most authentic and caring professionals I have met in a long time. – Social Justice Educators Participant May, 2012