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SCTC participants engage in an interactive, activity-based approach, to build self-awareness and develop techniques for working with specific client groups. Our trainings focus on methods and activities while using metaphoric development and facilitation to promote dialogue and reflection on social justice and diversity topics.

Our workshops are suitable for students or professionals at all levels of experience. We work with non-profit organizations, educational institutions, and corporate entities.

Below are some of the topics SCTC addresses. All of our programs are modified to meet the needs of each client.

 Training Topics:

  • >  Cross-Cultural Competency
  • >  Anti-bullying Initiatives
  • >  Combating Oppression (including Homophobia and Heterosexism, Racism, Sexism and Binary Gender bias; Ageism, Classism, Ableism)
  • >  Cultural Leadership
  • >  Team Building with Diverse Groups
  • >  Social Justice Change Agents (Agency & Action)
  • >  Strategies for Facilitating Challenging Conversations on Diversity and Social Justice
  • >  Critical thinking about power and privilege

Multi, Full or Half Day Workshop Format:

SCTC workshops are tailored to your specific objectives and needs. Interactive workshops, discussions, individual reflection, and action planning steps, are threaded together to create a customized half, full, or multi-day of training. All programs incorporate large-group work, break-out sessions, reading materials, case studies, and ‘next steps.’

Common Participant Outcomes:

As a result of attending a SCTC training, participants will be able to:

  • >  Distinguish between diversity, multiculturalism and social justice
  • >  Define social identity, privilege, oppression, inclusion, equity, and ally
  • >  Explain the sensitive and changing nature of identity-related language
  • >  Recognize their own multiple social identities
  • >  Describe the role of social identities in privilege and oppression
  • >  Explain how one’s own social identities and privileges impact our personal and professional lives and practices
  • >  Identify ways one can add to a more inclusive and equitable society

Consulting and Curriculum Design:

SCTC provides remote consultation and curriculum design as well as in-person consultation. We will work with you to determine the most appropriate approach for your organization.