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I center my social justice work on activities that promote dialogue and reflection. I find that adult learners and practitioners have had many experiences with debate versus dialogue, and countless experiences that may inhibit dialogue: “walking on egg shells” on sensitive topics, being shot down by others for sharing a minority opinion, labeled as trouble […]

What is Social Justice Education? For the purposes of this forum, I am sharing Schniedewind’s and Davidson’s (Open Minds to Equality, 1998) description of social justice education, because it is comprehensive and accessible.  This definition calls for both education about oppression issues and social change.   Education that aims to promote social justice provides background […]


One of my chief aims in my social justice education practice is to encourage dialogue. One way to create an environment where folks feel comfortable to share without judgment is using activities and/or methods where participants can share in small groups or dyads early on in the group development process. One activity I have used […]